Bye Bye IBZ!

31/05/2017 No Comment

After nearly ten years I’m taking my leave from IBZ Berlin. It was a challenging, intense and wonderful time. Here are some impressions from my good-bye-parties. Thank you, IBZ! I enjoyed working there and being part of a lively project that requires continuous learning. Now I’m looking forward to my new adventure.

IBZ facility entrance with its 78 apartments in all sizes dedicated to international guest researchers and their families (

Courtyard garden

Place of honor

Middle: Dr. Andrea Bör, chancellor of the Free University Berlin

In conversation with the former chancellor of the FU, Peter Lange

Anne Krainz, my successor with Andreas Bartz, one of the managing directors of the IBZ

Niels Möller, the janitor, in conversation with Ana Antadze

My colleague Gajana Holland looking into the future

My sister Christine, myself, Dr. Andrea Bör, Andreas Barz

Some team members


On the actual day of my leave we had a little good bye
celebration in the garden for residents and friends of the IBZ