On the road again: Siebenlinden

08/08/2017 No Comment

While I have already done some travelling for the Community Research Project, today marks the formal beginning of the Field Study, which is the core of my project. I’m going to visit and stay with the first community on my list, which is Siebenlinden in Northern Germany, a nice ecovillage that I have visited on two occasions before.

The pittoresk village of Poppau

I started out on train, had to change to smaller trains, and eventually take a bus that took me through a pleasant countryside to a tiny village called Poppau. From there I had to walk along a perfectly straight little road which when you have luggage seems to get longer and longer the further you go.



But eventually I did arrive and was greeted warmly, and not only by the dragon at the registration office.



Originally I had been scheduled to stay in a tent, but then it turned out that a young lady named Merle offered to use her room while she stays in Berlin. How nice! I like it. This is my view from Merle’s balcony: