The GEMELY Wedding Ceremony

13/08/2017 No Comment

This weekend I was guest and witness of a most wonderful wedding ceremony and celebration here in Siebenlinden. Two couples with three children calling themselves the “Gemely”, which stems  from GEMeinschaft (community), ELtern (parents) and Y (from family) gave their vows to care for each others and the kids with all their heartdeep appreciation and earnestness.

It was an incredibly moving ritual that included also their parents standing behind them. Their siblings have been putting floral wreaths on their heads instead of wedding rings and each of the kids got a necklace with a pendant, made from 4 rings, as a symbol for their four parents.


The Gemely made the decision to live together as a family before even  the first child was born, but they wanted to have this formal commitment in the community. It is wonderful for the children that there is always a parent available for them and for the grown ups that by supporting each others this way, they are much freer in finding time to develop their own projects or study etc. Their brave experiment also reminds me of the African saying that it needs a whole village to raise a child – each of the grown ups brings different qualties into the childs life.