Expanding the Box

16/08/2017 No Comment

The day begins early in Siebenlinden, especially in summer. When Maggie came to our group “expanding the box” today at 7:30am, she already had been cutting the grass with a scythe in front of the “Baude” were she stays at the moment.

I love this group, that takes place every week day and were we explore our mind sets, feelings and expectations – everything is on trial.

We are working with Clinton Callahan’s book how to become a possibility manager – and learn, instead of endlessly playing the games of ‘victim’, ‘offender’, ‘savior’…………., to recognize our inferior drama and transform it with lucid energy. We really lough our heads off sometimes, catching ourselves using any available story from our box of strategies, to avoid real relationship and speaking our truth of the moment – what a wonderful start for the day. Some of the exercises are mind-blowing and I hope the effects will be long-lasting.

Clinton’s Blog

Typical Siebenlinden – practical down-to-earth work with your hands, along with discovering new tools to increase your awareness.