Siebenlinden Magic

17/08/2017 No Comment

Insights and Musings 

There is not only one – their are innumerable Siebenlindens, depending on my own condition. For example, if I am clear with myself and open, the world can be magical here and glistening with wonderful possibilities and lively encounters. If I feel cut off, bewildert or insecure this is also reflected to me instantly – until I decide, or am able to return to the here and now.

I realized today again, how important it is for my energy-flow to include bodily work into my everyday life. After breakfast I went to the garden and helped harvesting potatoes. It is a wonderful feeling to know were the food that I eat comes from, have a hand in it and see how the crates are getting filled.

At certain windows in season and day-time there are especially charming sites you can find here: In the morning now for example the new pond, a beautiful habitat with pretty green frogs and other beings, used for fire water and going for a swim in summer.

The amphi theatre next to it, where you can loose yourself in seemingly liquid times, listening to the crickets on a hot summer afternoon. When the sun goes down the willow-bench invites you and the green glowing old pond, the site that belongs to the ‘old goddess’.


At night the yurts when a fire is blazing in the fire pit in the middle, during chanting. When you leave there, it can be very silent and a night sky greeting you, that seems huge and full of stars.