Dragonlines and Goddesses

22/08/2017 No Comment

When the land for Siebenlinden Ecovillage was found in 1997, besides town-planning- and permaculture-experts, there was also a geomancy specialist involved in the planning, to explore the energyfield  and the old wisdom connected to it.

Johanne Markl saw the spirit of the landscape embodied as a frog, appearing to be the holy animal and totem of the site. She  found remarkable energy structures in the area: a ley line – or dragon line goes directly through Siebenlinden. She also intuited 3 places of power connected to the female divine. The energy of Siebenlinden circling through these three centres.

The seat of the Young One, the hornbeam: connected to the morning, spring, playfullness, birth, the beginning of something.

The seat of the Middle One, the well: a Yang pole, connected to fruitfulness, abundance, midday and the sun.

The seat of the Old One, the pond: a Yin pole, connected to transformation, death and decay, cleaning, night – the guarantee for livelyness and the base for the appearance of the new. (Notice the auspicious pattern on the water, a horizontal eight the symbol of eternity.)


Dragon lines or ley lines, seem to be energy patterns marking the magnatical field of the earth. They are said to nourish and vitalize the surrounding area and Johanna Markl sensed this as a warm red-orange energyflow.

According to her, the dragon line in Siebenlinden proceeds from west to east near the ‘Dragon Garden’ up to the small hill with the spring. In Poppau – the little village next to Siebenlinden – besides the village pond, you can find a stone indicating the ‘Middle of the World’ (positioned directly on the dragon line) mentioned in an old legend.