Arrival at ZEGG

25/09/2017 No Comment

I’m currently staying at ZEGG, which is a lively community of more than a hundred people located about an hour’s train ride from Berlin. The German abbreviation ZEGG translates into English as Center for Experimental Cultural and Social Design.

When I arrived I was warmly welcomed by Cordula, one of the good spirits in the the organisation of the community, and Kerstin who took on the role of my guide in the kitchen world, where I have been doing daily service since then.

The ZEGG community currently consists of 115 residents between 1 and 79 years of age. All of these plus the many guests have to be hosted and fed, so there is always a lot of work to be done. I enjoy helping in the kitchen every morning, which is great fun because of the nice atmosphere and the good sense of humor of the people in the kitchen team.

ZEGG-kitchen from the back with herb garden

During one of my interviews one person mentioned what he called his “libidinous relationship” to kitchen work, I immediately knew what he meant, being part of a good kitchen team makes me always feel happy and alive. I think I would feel at home in every kitchen of the world, and I have already tried this out in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and even in Fidji.


This is the cute little trailer where I’m currently staying. Ree, a lady who makes beautiful pottery and artful jewelry from glass pearls and silver, was so kind to lend it to me. She has given it a very fitting name: “Batuffolo” which means “cotten ball”.

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