Cultivating Community with Love

25/09/2017 No Comment

This week the ZEGG community has been going into an Intensive Time.

Such intensives are initiated four times a year, where the community as a whole focuses on itself. The ZEGG has many guests and everybody is working a lot. These intervals are absolutely necessary to  keep common ground, renew the vision of the project and reset and reconnect in the human context.

It is also a way of deep psycho social purging. This time the themes are guilt, shame, forgiving and related subjects. The process is prepared and guided by an initial group. Different means are used to get processes going, like the FORUM – an instrument that supports awareness, essentiell communication and trust. The group gains a possibility to create community with it and every participant is empowered to express him – or herself in a creative and integrated way. As its best the FORUM functions as and generates a conscious feedback culture. The FORUM, developed here at the ZEGG is one of the main group tools in Intentional Communities all over the world.

Smaller groups work together to deepen the communication. The community sings together and uses exercises, rituals and festive meals to bond more again, so one of the days a wonderful breakfast for the residents was organized.

The second week, meetings in groups are more focused on the Vision and the practical future developments.

I was very impressed by the energetic changes in the group that I could sense and witness. There was so much intimacy and warmth between the people – and I tell you, it is contagious!

The ZEGG has generally a very embracing culture, it is quite peaceful and I feel very safe and happy here.