A healthy, ecological and sustainable way of life

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ZEGG is a place where Perma Culture became one of the life principles: “the word permaculture comes from permanent agriculture and the idea is to establish a system of food production and in a broader sense build human settlements and meet human needs in a way that is sustainable and work like an ecosystem”

The water of very good quality for the community and its many guests, comes from three wells on the terrain and flows cleared by an award winning plant-bed sewage system back to the ground. In the Fläming area, water is a precious good, so it is best practice to establish closed loops.

The beautiful ZEGG garden of about 1 hectare gets enaugh water to produce in summer 100 % of the fresh goods (annually 60%) to feed all the hungry mouths. The ZEGG kitchen produces solely for lunch around hundred delicious, organic vegetarian meals.

The entire territory of the ZEGG is a lush, gardenlike realm with lots of flowers and edible fruits to pick, in this time of the year.

The soil is improved and fertilized with compost and Terra Preta and everybody can help to produce this special ‘black earth’ a rediscovered fertilizer originally used by Indians in the Amazon Basin, by contributing their urine.

There are special stations with barrels filled with bio mass, vegetable coal and other components were you can give your share.

Generation of Energy at the ZEGG

as you can see on the following illustration the community produces 90% of its energy for warm water, heating and electricity in a regenerative way, with a block heating station and solar panels –  only 10% have to be bought.

The consumption of energy is also very low – for example: the community gets along with 6 washing machines and 15 cars.