Love is not a coincidence but a skill

04/10/2017 No Comment

Some of my readers who know about the ZEGG or heard rumors must have been thinking: when is she finally writing about the topic that ZEGG is best known for? Which is sensuality, open love relationships and free sexuality.

The ZEGG community describes itself as a living and learning place for the discovery and deepening of one’s own truth of love. To lovingly meet another human being is equal to meeting oneself. Friendships, work relationships and open or monogamous love relationships are part of the ZEGG community’s creative and diverse network of relationships. Committed couples, families, singles, celibate individuals  or community members that cultivate several sexual friendships — everything is possible in this place.

The ZEGG wants to provide the space and be a model for the diversity of people with their own ways of life. The ZEGG members support each others by meeting regularly in smaller and bigger research and support groups with different themes.

Over the years a number of ZEGG members (many of them active in the therapeutic field) gained a lot of expertise in the field of relationships, the art of love, tantra and all the feelings, wrong beliefs, shame and obstacles connected to it. Many of the ZEGG seminars and workshops offer knowledge around these tender and tabooed issues, fostering new behavior, trustfulness and emotional awareness. The courses for young grown ups are always filling up very fast, which shows the great uncertainty, but also openness and need for more knowledge and education in this field.

Besides exploring the field of love and relationships, the annual program of ZEGG offers many seminars with a lot of other topics. In the world of intentional communities they have earned a reputation for their expertise in community tools like the ZEGG Forum, sociocracy, nonviolent communication, and community building in general.  There are hands-on classes about how to make and use Terra Preta, learning to drum or working with clay. And last but not least ZEGG offers various dance-, song- and music workshops that are great fun.

Some of best opportunities to get to know the ZEGG are the Summer Camp or the Song Festival, the Easter Retreat or the New Years Get Together. Volunteers – with advance notification – are always welcome during these big events.

During my three weeks stay here at the ZEGG I have been deeply impressed by the warm relatedness that I witnessed and experienced between people, by the obvious human intimacy and vulnerability in friendships and also in random encounters, as well as by the transparency and trust my interview partners showed even when asked rather delicate questions.