Desert calling: Kibbutz Lotan

06/01/2018 No Comment

I arrived at Kibbutz Lotan, my fourth place of field study on Tuesday 2nd of January, today on Shabat is the perfect time to write about my first impressions and thoughts.

I am staying in a straw bale geodesic dome at the the Eco Campus, the Bustan (garden of fragrances) were some volonteers are living and participants of the Green Apprenticeship Program during their courses.

Living in this dome is very grounding: besides the metal structure everything is from clay and straw and wood. The floor of hardened earth makes me feel very connected to our planet and the temperatures are comfortable inside, no matter if its cold or hot outside.

The following short video shows how the basics of such a dome are built before the clay, frames for windows and doors etc are added.

Yesterday we had a storm – which means a lot of sand in the air,  we had to close all the window shields at the Bustan. The light suddenly turned yellow and the mountains got invisible.

Today it is as cold as it might get here  7 to 15° and the sky is all cloudy. Everybody is glad it is the day of rest today, because the air pressure is very low compared to normal, causing fatigue and heaviness. For next week the weather forecast is promising, we hope to have some days with a peak of 24/25 degrees C, so I am planning to go for an afternoons snorkeling at the Migdalor beach in Eilat. 

I have been at the south beach the last day of 2017. It felt auspicious and gave me a shiver, to stand in Israel and see Jordan, Saudia Arabia and Egypt at the same time!

Eilat is very closed in between the mountains, it made me feel a bit trapped – now in the wide Arava plain  the sky is huge and the desert vast,  inspite of the mountains.