Birds, Dunes and Desert Art

14/01/2018 No Comment

I was very lucky to arrive at Kibbutz Lotan  together with a group of young students from Brasil.  I could join them straightaway for a tour, guided by Mark Naveh (Program Director at the Center for Creative Ecology), to the bird-watch area and the big dune.

When the city of Eilat was growing, wetlands which had been used by birds for ages were suddenly lost forever. The bird-watch area was set up as a replacement. It serves as a recreation zone with plants and water and food for the birds that need this stop before they cross the Sahara in autumn and the Mediterranean Sea in spring  to reach their breeding grounds in Northern Europe.

When I looked out of the window of my dome the next day, I saw a big flock of birds flying in.

The increase of construction activities in Eilat was also the end of many of the big dunes in the area, because the sand was so easily accessible.The great dune near the Kibbutz is a protected area. Dunes are a special habitat, many animals live there, you can find all kinds of footprints from small rodents, foxes and even coyote.