Welcome at Tamera Healing Biotope

24/04/2018 No Comment

It was wonderful to arrive at Tamera a few days before the first people for the introduction course came. So much nature and the most beautiful music: sounds from the lake, frogs, birds and an incredible amount of crickets.

Campus from the hillside

I am staying in this cute wooden hut, with now three other nice ladies and have a lot of fun being part of the kitchen team. We are serving three delicious vegan meals a day, prepared with good ingredients, love, joy and lots of laughter.

I am learning a lot of new recepies here, which I hope will benefit the communities I will still go to.


 Gardening team

You can come to Tamera for an introduction week and then stay for workstudy in the garden or the kitchen, or participate in one of the other courses offered during the season. Guests can live in one of the wooden huts, at the dormitories or in the guest house in the campus area.

My lovely kitchen team

Ina – the best kitchen leader ever

Guest house from the lake.