The Stone Circle: An Open Air Cathedral

25/04/2018 No Comment

In the center of Tamera on a rolling hill, the first stone of  Tameras stone circle was implanted and inaugurated in 2004. By now there are 96 stones on the clearing, out of granite or marble from different areas of Portugal.  The mostly beautifully engraved rocks represent all fundamental archetypes of a universal community in certain harmonic  constellations. Sabine Lichtenfels one of the founders of Tamera was inspired by the 6000 years old stone circle in Almendres near Evora in Portugal and a lot of research was done about the magalithic centres of a global network of powerful ley lines. So the place was chosen with her  spiritual insights and assistance of the geomancer Marco Pogacnic and other artists and healers.

The stone circle is a venue for the community for meditation, rituals and spiritual celebrations.

Before you go there as a visitor you get an introduction, after walking up the small path in silence.

Every Monday morning at sunrise a ring of power ritual takes place there, with a specific theme and  talk by Sabine Lichtenfels You can  participate via

After getting an introduction you can also go there indidually and see to which stone you are drawn – to stay there a while, feel into it or meditate.

I have been drawn strongly to this stone the Sun Stone at my first encounter.

The second time it was the guardian of the treshold and the stone of pure surrender

Just beautiful!!