The water retention system – a miracle of landscaping

15/05/2018 9 Comments

In the very beginning, Tamera was mostly a land of steppe and the life circumstances were very simple and challenging. The founders around Sabine Lichtenfels and Dieter Duhm, had a big beautiful vision what it would look like and be, so starting with some simple buildings and no electricity was challenging but also full of joy. The biggest, most visible step in healing the land was started in 2007, when the perma culture specialist and counselor for water retention Sepp Holzer, was asked to develop a water retention system for Tamera.

photograph by Simon du Vinage                        (Pictures: Start of the works 2007 at Lake 1 in Tamera and Lake 1 in 2011)

The rainwater that falls during 1 or 2 months in winter and spring is saved by being led into the lakes and also smaller ditches and swells. During the summer the lakes give their water to the surrounding landscape and are used for watering the gardens and fields.

Now when I was here after the rainfalls in March and April, the lakes were full and looked like a beautiful necklace following the valley. The natur is lush and full of spring flowers this time of the year.



There are so many places on earth were this kind of intervention would be healing.


**feature photograph: