Terra Nova – developing a new planetary community

16/05/2018 No Comment

In her book: Weiche Macht – Gentle Power, Sabine Lichtenfels writes:

“The dream of Negativity is dreamed big and mighty. It correlates to the dominant Zeitgeist and a collective subconscious, striving towards destruction with all force. Until now it is obvious that it has the greater power. To reach our goal, we need places of experience, which will lead us to new categories of thinking. It is our duty to built sites of healing, which will lead us into a school of positiv thinking and action.”

In 1996 when she wrote this, Tamera was still in its very beginning – today Tamera is the model of a Healing Biotope that embraces the love between women and men and a new love relationship to nature.

(photos: Tamera)

Terra Nova is the vision of a network of healing Biotopes, growing into and creating a field for a new culture on earth. This field is connected to what in Tamera is called the sacred matrix, the source of love and unity. The more we are connected and guided by this field, the less we drift into the ideology of our education, personal belief systems, religion and the patterns of 5000 years of attack and defense.

We have to relearn trust!

Whenever I come to a community like Tamera, something deep in me starts to relax and I get a feeling, what it could be, to become the real me, to open up and develop my fullest potential.

But how to stay connected to this kind of field, when I am physically not able to be there?

The secret is to built an inner altar of knowledge I can resort to, which I can refresh and strengthen by reading supportive literature, by visits and contacts to like minded companions.

Aerial Art Action against oil drilling off the Portuguese coast, produced by John Quigley, during the “Defend the Sacred” gathering in Tamera, Portugal, 2017 (photo by Ludwig Schramm)

It is also supportive to serve the bigger field – to heal the greater also heals on a personal level.

For a deeper understanding please read more on : https://www.tamera.org/  or  https://sabine-lichtenfels.com/en