Findhorn – a charming, transforming realm

03/06/2018 No Comment

I heard the first time about Findhorn way back in the 80s and was very fascitated by all the amazing and touching stories: devas, fairies, talking with plants and huge pumpkins out of  sandy unfertile soil.

Later when I read the Celestine books I remembered it again and from time to time I met people that lived here for a while and felt very enriched and uplifted by their sojourn.


The community began in 1962 with Peter and Eileen Caddy and DorothyMaclean and became famous for the contact with plants and nature spirits. Since then it developed into a place facilitating spiritual growth, self development and holistic thinking.

In the original garden

Today the community consists of about 400 people from 20 different nations.

There are many ways to become aquainted with Findhorn, it is open to interested people for informal visits, guided tours and courses of all kinds that are all based on the inner attunement to love and cocreation with the kingdom of nature. The best way if you want to get more than a superficial impression is to take part in an Experience Week.

I am very happy I finally made it to come here and feel into it and see it with my own eyes. My Experience Week was focalised by Maria and Goeff and they did a great job!!

My experience week group                 Photograph Findhorn Foundation

The group that came together for this explicit week, was absolutely wonderful and just right. I believe this is always the case – we are living in a circumstance of synchronicity. In the beginning we drew an angelcard for our group which was kindness and kind and supportive it was.

My personal angelcard is synthesis and I thought, what a great card for me. I am bringing people and things together, with the way I am and my research project. Later I realized it can never be the small me that does this – I have to  surrender – a scaring and great insight.