Experience Week, a deep dive!

05/06/2018 No Comment

My first encounter with Findhorn was at Cluny Hill, an awesome house – labyrinthine and mysterious as Hogwarts, the castle/magicians school in the Harry Potter tales. Our Experience week was based there: we had our group meetings, attunements and sharings in one of the great saloons, danced sacred dance and played discovery games in the oldfashioned ballroom and had our meals in the extraordinary festive dining hall.

JOANIE our very reliable transporter carried us the next days around. Vehicles, machines and tools work much better if they are named and related to personally. I can testify to this with very peculiar washing machines, printers, cars etc.

The second day, Joanie took us to the Findhorn Park were the community is based, home to many of the members and the Findhorn organizations.

We had a guided tour through the Park and also a short visit to the wonderful Findhorn beach.

The Community Center near to the famous original garden is a beautiful building, with the Park kitchen and dining area and a second floor hosting events and meetings.

The day after, we started with our volonteer work in the kitchens, gardens, or with home care, named: LOVE IN ACTION

For me it is always very important to comprehend a place, to really involve myself in service to it, so I was very happy I was able to help in the kitchen. I had a ball as you can see!!

On Tuesday we went to Randolphs Leap, at the  untamed wild Findhorn River, bedded in in it’s ancient mysterious wood with huge trees. We had time to be in nature in silence on our own. These oldgrowth forests give you the feeling there could be Pan showing up, or an elf or deva behind the next tree or crook of the path.