Being a Community Guest Helper

26/09/2018 No Comment

If you want to get to know the community Schloss Tempelhof, you can simply come around to one of the “Infocafé” which are open to the public on certain Sundays. Or you can book a “Get to know” weekend, or you could take part in one of the seminars and workshops offered throughout the year (in German language).

The best way for me to dive into such a community and to understand it better, is to go there and join them in their daily work. I really enjoy being a helping guest wherever I go for my field study. Often the word “field” can be taken literally! It’s fun to work together and share rooms, meals and thoughts for a while, and live the community life.

At Tempelhof,  you can participate in a ‘guest helpers week’  during the whole season. Work is usually from 9 to 12:30 in the fields, gardens or green houses,  and in the afternoon in the big kitchen (or again outside) for another 2 1/2 hours.

A new piece of field is going to be transformed into a permaculture garden. The plot was covered with  foil for some time, to weaken and extinguish the weeds in the ground. Later it was ploughed, and a nice winding path was excavated deeply and filled with wood chips, before the beds were covered with good composted soil.

Planting field salad in one of the green houses.

There is always time for sharing thoughts and ideas during the work and getting in contact with interesting people.

Foto: Christine Lutz

To work hand in hand in a group is wonderful. It is a miracle how fast and easy going it is to fill the crates with bright orange Hokkaido pumpkins.


Foto: Christine Lutz

 What a beautiful harvest.


Foto: Christine Lutz

One of the experiences that make me really happy is to harvest something like this red cabbage in the morning, to prepare it for cooking in the big kitchen in the afternoon and to have it for lunch the next day. From the field to the plate in one day!!! And I can tell you: the meals are very tasty.

Taking a break with bites of fresh fruit and uplifting conversations.

Parsley harvest