Educating children in Freedom

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From the very beginning of the Tempelhof Community, there was a strong impulse to have their own school.

A school which is “taking children serious with there curiosity about the world and respect them in their own characteristic nature, their own learning pace and questions and their play within which learning happens at random. To let them develop their inherent qualities and talents and to go with their inclinations.”

A school we all have yearned for – I certainly did!

In 2013 this dream became true and up to now the school grew to 60 children of whom about 1/3rd comes from neighbor villages.

Toddlers from 2 years on can be part of the forest Kindergarden.

Forrest – Kindergarden, trailer for rainy days

Older Kindergarden – kids grow into the group that uses the yurt. The children themselves decide about their passages, and there is always a ceremony to celebrate the new steps.

Yurt for preschool children


Inside the beautiful dome














The momentary school building that hosts most of the school activities is right next to the inner yard of the castle.

Current school building

The children decide every day themselves what they are interested in. A big, sometimes difficult learning experience for children that have been to regular schools. The children are not limited to the school building: they can be out in nature, help gardening or in the fields if they want to, join grown-ups in their work or visit workshops like the locksmiths or carpentry.

Rooms full of light and creative opportunities

Corner for artwork

Overview of the school year








Discover the day










Workshop with terrace view


Playful math









Dress-up paradise


Biology and anatomy


Language toolbox for German






















There are many additional activities children can join in for example theater, music, sports and circus.

As I watched those children roaming about freely and having a great time I envied them for their freedom which is so different from my own school memories.

Children’s circus

This year the new school was built and will be finished by the end of the year. From now 60 children the number of pupils will extend to 80 and they’ll have many more opportunities in the new facility. As many parents and children are very unhappy with the current school system – the community draws a lot of families with children at school age. Some also move to villages nearby to give their children the chance for an alternative education.

Display board for the new school building


Adding the best wishes for the new school


Colorful tree for the roofing ceremony

Community celebration!