Travelling under a lucky star

20/01/2019 No Comment

there is a strike of security staff at airports going on in Germany – and the 15th, my travel date to India, Frankfurt airport was the main target. Normally I would have taken a train to Frankfurt for enviromental reasons, but it would not have worked out timewise, so I took a connecting flight from Berlin. Lucky me!! Everyone that started their flight in Frankfurt could not get on the plane.

Sunset over Iran near Teheran

I arrived in time and my driver was already waiting in Chennai, to take me in 2 1/2 hours to Auroville in the middle of the night.

I arrived at Nilatangam (“moongold” in Tamil), my friends Ambre’s place at 3 am – but despite my jetlag I managed to get my E-bike the same day. Nilatangam is in the greenbelt of Auroville, too far to walk to the center and other places of interest.

The house is very beautiful and the room I am living in, feels like a temple.


A great site to start my adventure and get used to the climate.

Next to the house there are several nice huts for rent as guest accomodation, especially suited for independent individualists or people that look for a place to retreat in nature.