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The educational concept of Kattaikuttu Gurukulam is actually a surprisingly modern approach to schooling. It applies a broad understanding of “learning to learn” in order to master life in our ever faster changing world. The children receive solid academic knowledge and  a theater training that involves the whole being and develops both mind and body.

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Similar methods are used by professional athletes, politicians and people in high profile management positions: exercises to enhance body language skills and vocal expression, practices for clarity and decisiveness, routines that strengthen discipline and accuracy, visualization etc.

“Opinion time” – presenting and defending a thesis

Even children with difficult preconditions start to flourish after a while with this great educational system. They become more confident, awake, playful and expressive and develop a sense of competence. One should also not underestimate what a holistic educational environment does for this children. They are very much affected by the qualities of kindness, love and support they receive, and the community aspect of the school enhances their sense of belonging and empathy. I was often touched to see how much the children support each other.

Some might not be able to stay for the whole education, but they gain a fundamental knowledge and a set of tools for a successful life.

During my visit I attended many of the classes and rehearsals and it was a delight to see with how much joy and playfulness these children learn and how serious and determined most of them are.

The school depends entirely on donations, and if you go there you are supporting the school with your contribution. You have the possibility to visit the classes and also assist by reading English texts with the children, or teach them other useful skills.

Visitors interested in the project and theater or dance professionals (also as volunteers or artists in residence) are very welcome and the Sangam has nice guest facilities.

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During and after my stay I heard about an unfortunate development: one of he main donors has stopped their support. If no other solution is found this might imply major changes to this wonderful project.

If you feel moved to help, please see: Karna’s Eyes the international fund raising campaign.

The mask of Karna plays a big part in the Fundraising Campaign
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To find out more go to the website of Kattaikuttu Sangam: www.kattaikkuttu.org