Atlantida Ecovillage, Columbia


Atlantida, founded in 2002 on 9 hectares (22 acres) looks much like inland Hawaii, with organic vegetable gardens and free-range chickens in a jungle of mango, avocado, banana, and jacaranda trees. There are hibiscus flowers and giant strong-smelling datura flowers that look like white hanging trumpets, red and green ti leaves, and an abundance of other tropical plants I didn’t recognize. Atlantida’s 20 members share a white brick hacienda of hexagon-shaped rooms and many small A-frame cabins, a thatched-roof outdoor kitchen and an indoor kitchen/dining room, a half-walled dining room/sala with a central firepit, and their beautiful 64-foot wide bamboo-timberframed open-wall meeting pavilion — the Maloka

Vda. Cenegueta, Cajibío, Cauca, Colombia  ·  phone +57 317 6705315