Communication and Forum

The forum was created more than 30 years ago in the Bauhütte, a predecessor project of the ZEGG. Since then, it has been greatly altered and further developed. The method has now spread to the whole world. Groups in many countries have learned the process and communities use it for their human work. For us it is one of the best tools to strengthen the cohesion of a community or an organization. We see the Forum as a contribution to the world we want to create – a world that is deeply developed from the hearts of people.

“We are here because there is ultimately no escape from ourselves, so long as man does not meet himself in the eyes and hearts of his fellow human beings, he is on the run, so long as he does not allow his fellow human beings to participate in his innermost being As long as he is afraid to be seen, he can neither recognize himself nor others – he will be alone. Where can we find such a mirror, if not in our neighbors? Here in the community, a person can only really become clear about himself and can no longer see himself as the giant of his dreams or the dwarf of his fears, but as a man who – part of a whole – makes a contribution to their well-being We strike roots and grow; No longer alone, as in death, but alive as a man among men. ” Richard Beauvais (1964)

The “ZEGG Forum” is a ritualized form of transparent communication
for larger groups. One person, “the presenter” steps into the middle of the group circle and is active. It is like an existential stage involving the whole person – with their physical and verbal expressions, mind, creativity and feelings. We developed Forum in 1978 within a long-term, social group experiment in order to make all processes within the group transparent and understandable for everyone involved. We have been adapting and expanding the technique since then.
Forum makes a significant contribution to an empathic social environment that supports us to stay present with everything inside us, whatever it may feel like. Its guiding principle: Nothing within me is wrong – everything is allowed to be there.

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