Huehuecoyotl, Mexico


Huehuecoyotl, an ecovillage in the mountains above the town of Tepoztlan, Morelos, is a success story in the ecovillage movement. Founded by a nomadic theater group known as ‘The Illuminated Elephants Traveling Gypsy Theatre,’ in 1982 the community decided to settle down (a little) and found land, living in their fixed-up buses for several years before gradually building their houses and communal buildings. The community defines itself as

a “project of a group of people of various nationalities dedicated to the modeling and research of lifestyles based on ecology, the arts, true democracy and the practice of holistic health methods which address the well being of individuals and communities in a sustainable ecological balance. A true ecovillage of dreamers and doers looking to harmonize with the earth in all its beauty and life forms.”

Huehue, as it’s known to friends, is now home to 20 or so members, almost all of whom are involved in organizing, teaching, or the arts.