Svanholm, Denmark


Svanholm is an intentional community founded in 1978. It located near the village of Skibby, 60km from Copenhagen on the isle of Sealand in Denmark, Europe. Currently there are 85 grown-ups and 56 children living in this community.

“Our basis is formed by common ideals concerning ecology, income sharing, communal living, and finally, Self Government. We are still a part of the outside society, we invite our neighbors to harvest-marked, Christmas-marked, etc., and we participate in committees and the social life in the schools and local area, as well as some of us join political parties, NGO’s and global movements. Realizing some of our ideas of a better society at Svanholm can actually give us inspirations to formulate goals and strategies for the outside society for which we also feel a responsibility.”

Svanholm Alle 2, 4050 Skibby, Denmark  ・  Phone +45 47 56 66 10  ・