Tuwa, Philipines


Tuwa was founded in 2010 by 2 Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Alumni — John Vermeulen and Penelope Reyes. They are currently open for accepting membership.

Our community celebrates nature intertwined with art and is rooted in graceful simplicity, diversity, and a balanced, healthy life. Our mission is to create an ecological community committed to a holistic lifestyle – filled with creativity, joy, individual growth, wellness, group harmony, neighborliness, continuous learning and self-sufficiency.

Among our eco-features are: natural bamboo buildings, off-grid solar, wind and gasification energy, composting toilets, permaculture gardens and organic farming set against a cozy community atmosphere. We share meals together as friends and family. Our place is zero waste and smoking-free. We advocate the use of eco-friendly products. We promote health and wellness through yoga meditation and Shibashi.